Cucumber Cooling and Nutrition

Cucumber Cooling and Nutrition, Increasing odds in the sun are echoing the arrival of summer, the use of cold drinks has begun. But in summer the use of cucumber increases. It is not only eaten as a salad during the hot season, but it is also eaten separately by children, old and young.
Kheera is a cool vegetable, providing energy for cooling and refreshing the body during the hot summer months. Khera not only provides cooling but also contains a large number of nutrients that are essential for physical functioning. Elements as elements.

Cucumber Cooling and Nutrition

Cucumber Cooling and Nutrition

Cucumber is a raw vegetable, its plant is beloved, it belongs to the family of pumpkins and melons.

Although there are several types of cucumber, the use of cucumbers with a light and dark green color is common. The Romans cultivated the cucumber in the first century CE. Columbus introduced the cucumber into the western world and was first cultivated in Haiti in 1494.
Where cucumber was gradually cultivated in most of the western countries and now it is abundant in most countries of the world.

Nutritional efficacy:

Cucumber, like other vegetables, has numerous nutritional benefits.
It contains a rich treasure of vitamins and minerals. 2 Where eating cucumber as a foodstuff provides the body with essential nutrients, it usually peels the cucumber but specialists emphasize the nutritional diet, including peeling the cucumber. According to them, significant amounts of cucumber nutrients are present in the skin, which is lost by removing the skin.
Although cucumber is most commonly preferred, eating it together with fruit ‘salads’, vegetables, etc. increases its nutrition. There are 0.4 grams of protein’0.1 grams of calcium’0.03g phosphorus’ 1.5mg of steel’00 Vitamin A’0.03mg of vitamin B’0.02mg of vitamin B2 and 7mg of vitamin C.

Cucumber is also found in important mineral components such as sulfur ‘silicon’ chlorine ‘sodium’ potassium ‘fluorine and magnesium.

Vegetable with healing properties

Every blessing given to nature by humanity includes nutrition as well as prevention and cure for diseases. In these many blessings fruits, vegetables, grains, and herbs, etc. are cured of every ailment caused by man. Is.
Their daily use can protect doctors from costly treatments. Again, it is a vegetable with many healing properties and it prevents many diseases from occurring by keeping the digestive tract altogether.

High blood pressure efficient

According to experts, hypertension or high blood pressure patients can bring blood pressure to normal levels by adding cucumbers to their diet.
Because in the cucumber the mineral components improve blood circulation by removing the acid in the blood.

Effective against constipation

Diarrhea is a digestive tract. It makes it possible for the intestines to supply substances that digest the food in the stomach and relieve constipation.

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