Darood E Tanjeena Full Wazifa PDF Download

Darood E Tanjeena Full Wazifa PDF Download With Urdu Translation Read online or get an easy PDF file from below links with clear Arabic Text Daroode Tanjeena With Urdu Tajuma in This website. Get a lot of benefits of remembering and rectifying this Dua and Darud, Pray day and night (Suba Wa Sham).

Darood E Tanjeena

Darood E Tanjeena Full Wazifa PDF Download
The gain of this Darood-e-Tanjeena is that those who’ve been with numerous ailments and doctrinaires might also wish to eliminate this ailment of Darood-e-Pak. This Darood-e-Pak has been noted in many versions, you can study it for each issue, if there’s any hassle, you can read this Darood-e-Pak in one thousand instances, Allah will make it tough for you. Now go to the end of this article click downloading links and pdf file copy.

This is the Durood Sharif which makes every difficult campaign easier. Allama Fakhani narrates the story of an elderly Sheikh Musa in Qamar Munir who said that we were traveling in a ship with a caravan when the ship was hit by a storm. This storm became the wrath of God and began to shake the ship. We believed that the ship was about to sink and we would die because the sailors also understood that only a lucky ship could survive such a severe storm.
Sheikh says that in this state of chaos, I was overwhelmed by sleep and for a few moments I felt drowsy to recite this Durood Sharif a thousand times. I woke up. He gathered his friends and performed ablutions and started reciting Durood Sharif. I had just read it three hundred times when the force of the storm began to subside.

Gradually the storm stopped and in a short time the sky cleared and the sea level became calm. With the blessings of this Durood, all the sailors were saved. This Durood Pak was named Durood Tanji or Tanjina. Whoever recites this Durood three hundred times a day with politeness and respect, facing the Qibla, by the grace of Allah, his most difficult problem will be solved, God willing.

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