Lemon is not only Fruit but also Medicine

The whole world is aware of the benefits of this miracle fruit. It increases its usefulness during the rainy season. The fruits of the plant are grown twice a year. July to August and February to March.
Lemons are used daily in almost every household because for centuries we have been hearing about how useful fruit is. Lemon is not just a fruit but also a medicine. Its liquid is used in many ways. The best way to use it is to use its juice in water and dissolve it.
By the way, it is also used in the solution of squash and other similar drinks.


Lemon is not only Fruit but also Medicine

Healthy trumpet:

Lemons have a healthy nutritious diet.
Such as street acid ‘vitamin C’ calcium and phosphorus etc. After analyzing lemons, it has the following ingredients: Moisture 84.6% ‘Protein 1.5%’ Minerals 0.9% ‘Fat 1.0% Vitamins in terms of 63 mg and carotene mg per hundred grams. Has been used in medicine.
It is also mentioned in ancient religious books for thousands of years. It has been considered valid for numerous diseases of the bones and joints. Because of the high amount of vitamin C found in saliva, it has been recognized as a diet. Blood is very effective in the fight against diseases.


Lemons have been considered unprecedented to end indigestion.
And we have been using it for centuries to induce indigestion. Taking in a tablespoon of honey and mixing it with honey and using it can cause the irritation of ‘indigestion’, caused by acid in the stomach. Not only this but it is also a cure for excessive salivation in the mouth. If the acidity in the stomach is severe then in such a case use a tablespoon of lemon with honey and a pinch of sodium carbonate. The acid dissipates immediately.
If the lemonade is woken up in the morning and used with warm water, it is an unprecedented recipe for relieving constipation. Its continued use in infectious diseases. Curry Lemons are unique in eliminating the grease in the liver.

For obesity:

Liquid lemon is useful in reducing body weight. It has a positive effect on nerves by dissolving grease. Use an empty stomach with a salty mouth for up to a month.

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