Jadu Tona Mirgi Aur Nazar Bad Ka Ilaaj Urdu Book PDF

Jadu Tona Mirgi Aur Nazar Bad Ka Ilaaj Free Urdu Book PDF Download or read online from this blog. The subject of magic and demons is very sensitive. Today, countless people have decorated their seats on this basis. In the name of breaking the spell and extracting jinn, they are robbing the religion, honor, and wealth of the common people.

Jadu Tona Mirgi Aur Nazar Bad Ka Ilaaj Urdu Book

Even the most virtuous people have fallen into this trap. Performing magic and harming people by enlisting the help of jinns through occult knowledge is not only a great sin according to Islamic law but it is a heinous act that deprives man of the realm of Islam. And makes it obligatory to kill. For the treatment of diseases related to magic and jinn, deviating from the methods described in the Qur’an and Sunnah, many people are seen treating such patients through satanic and magical miracles, the majority of whom are merely She considers herself a patient under the influence of delusion.


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