Kala Jadu Ka Tor Urdu Book Shrir Jado Ka Qila Qama

Kala Jadu Ka Tor Urdu Book PDF Download or read online Anti-Balck magic Shrir Jado Gharon ka Qila Qama Kerne Wali Talwar Jadeed Edition. The subject of magic is one of the most important topics that scholars need to pursue through discussion, research, and writing, as magic is practically present in our societies in full swing, and magicians are bent on spreading mischief day and night for a few rupees.

Kala Jadu Ka Tor Urdu Book PDF Shrir Jado Ka Qila Qama
Which they receive from weak believers and hateful people who hate their Muslim brothers and are happy to see them suffering from the torment of magic. Therefore, it is important for scholars to be aware of the dangers of magic and the harms of magic. Inform the people concerned and treat magic in a shariah-compliant way so that people do not turn to so-called magicians to break it and cure it. The book under review is the Arabic translation of the famous book of religious scholars and experts in the treatment of magic etc. by Sheikh Waheed Abdul Salam Baliyat in Arabic.


The various topics of the incident, the legal treatment of magic and the prevention of the head, the reality of the vision and its treatment, etc. are discussed in the important topics. The translation of the book has been done by Dr. Hafiz Muhammad Ishaq Zahid, the author of “Zad-ul-Khatib”. Apart from this book, Hafiz Sahib is also the translator and author of several books.

First of all, the honor of publishing the Urdu translation of this book was given to the institution of Muhaddith, Lahore. In view of the usefulness of this book, so far several editions of this book have been published in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. Which received much general acceptance. Praise be to Allaah. Countless people have benefited from this and after reading this book, they have cured themselves and they have been healed. The following edition is published by Maktab-e-Islamia, Lahore, which is one of the leading publishers of standard books on Minhaj-ul-Salaf in Pakistan.


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